EA’s 2015

EA reviews have begun for Metro and V/Line. Delegates have been very busy in collecting information for their log of claims and providing these to the respective companies. Membership reports have and will be sent out when there is any information is regards to the progress (or non progress) of these reviews. Hopefully we can […]

MTM- Trainee Pay Rate

4/3/15 The Locomotive Division participated in a conference at Fair Work Commission with Metro on Tuesday 3/3/15, unfortunately none of the matters listed previously were achieved . Metro has suggested a special rostering arrangement for OJTs, no particulars were put  forward by them yesterday. The Locomotive Division has requested that details of Metros plans for […]

MTM- Maint Staff and Train Driver Job Losses

4/3/15 Metro was compelled to hold a consultation meeting with HSR’s  as a result of the OH&S Act. This meeting was held on the 25/2/15. The HSR’s came away from that meeting with a view that this was a stepping stone for Metro’s real agenda, which is main line operation for the second tier driver. […]