Diversity and Wellbeing

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International Day of Families- 15 May 

2022 Theme: Families and Urbanization

Urbanization is shaping our world and the life and wellbeing of families worldwide.

The UN’s Sustainable urbanization challenge targets, Poverty eradication, Good health and well-being, Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable, and Reduce inequality within and among countries.

This year’s theme, “Families and Urbanization”, aims to raise awareness on the importance of sustainable, family-friendly urban policies.

White Ribbon Australia-
Pathways to Change

There’s help available to understand the ways your behaviours effect the people you care about or the ways abusive behaviour can affect others:

If any member requires assistance, the Locomotive Division is an open yet confidential place . Our goal is to break down the barriers of conversation and have an inclusive workplace.

Respect Each Other: 'Call It Out'

The Respect Each Other: ‘Call It Out’ campaign is designed to bring all Victorians into the conversation around family violence depicting the irreversible damage that can occur when a home becomes unsafe.