Diversity and Wellbeing


RTBU Locomotive Division and Tram & Bus Division

The RTBU recognises the importance of raising awareness, fostering inclusion and promoting positive discussion around key issues surrounding gender and diversity, particularly in such a historically male dominated industry.

Hosted by the Locomotive Division and the Tram & Bus Division of the RTBU, the theme of our forum this year was Beyond Diversity: Equity and Inclusion educating members about the gender disparity and cultural diversity difficulties still experienced by many in the workplace, what can be done to educate and how some may not be aware of their own individual bias.

Speakers included Yarra Trams CEO Julien Dehorney, Metro Trains CEO Raymond O’Flaherty, V/Line CEO Matt Carrick and Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission Manager of Education and Engagement Kylie Smith.  

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Pathways to Change

There’s help available to understand the ways your behaviours effect the people you care about or the ways abusive behaviour can affect others:

If any member requires assistance, the Locomotive Division is an open yet confidential place . Our goal is to break down the barriers of conversation and have an inclusive workplace.

Respect Each Other: 'Call It Out'

The Respect Each Other: ‘Call It Out’ campaign is designed to bring all Victorians into the conversation around family violence depicting the irreversible damage that can occur when a home becomes unsafe.