The Locomotive Division of the RTBU covers all Locomotive and Train Drivers in Victoria.

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For all non drivers and information on Rail Operations and Infrastructure, including membership, please go to the Victorian Branch website

In 1861 – The first union of locomotive enginemen was formed when 20 drivers banded together to form the “Locomotive Engine Drivers Association of Victoria” , now the RTBU Locomotive Division in Victoria has almost 2000 members and counting!   read more.

PTC 1994 Book of Rules and Operating Procedures.
Members now have access to the Book of Rules (Metro Specific Network) online via the member portal login.


OH&S Conference 2020
Risks to Psychological Health

October 27th 2020

Registrations for the 2020 OHS Conference are now closed. You will be able to view a recording of the event following he event HERE

Register your Asbestos Exposure

Maurice Blackburn’s – National asbestos, dust, fumes and chemicals register

It’s a good idea to document any asbestos and or/dust, fumes and chemical exposure in case you do develop an asbestos-related or occupational lung disease later in life. ….Read More 




Health and safety reps (HSR’s) support and advocate the health and safety of staff.

Employers and employees should be exchanging important information and advice about workplace safety  risks and the preventative tools.

We encourage members to be aware of their HSR and speak up about any unsafe work practices. 

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Diversity and wellbeing

Maurice Blackburn's breakfast with the Honourable Jill Hennessy MP

RTBU Locomotive Divisional delegates and train drivers attended the Maurice Blackburn’s breakfast with the Honourable Jill Hennessy MP, celebrating the contribution of women to the Justice System. The advancement of women within our industry and generally within the workplace is something we advocate and were proud to be a part of.

Out at Work: From Prejudice to Pride

The Diversity Council of Australia  research into the experiences of LGBTIQ+ workers, what it means to be out at work and what we can do to make everyone feel included and safe.

Diversity Council Australia (Brown, C., O’Leary, J., Trau, R., Legg, A.) Out At Work: From Prejudice to Pride, Sydney, Diversity Council Australia, 2018.

Mental Health Month- OCT 2020

White Ribbon Australia-
Pathways to Change

There’s help available to understand the ways your behaviours effect the people you care about or the ways abusive behaviour can affect others:

If any member requires assistance, the Locomotive Division is an open yet confidential place . Our goal is to break down the barriers of conversation and have an inclusive workplace.

Respect Each Other: ‘Call It Out’ (COVID-19)

The Respect Each Other: ‘Call It Out’ campaign is designed to bring all Victorians into the conversation around family violence depicting the irreversible damage that can occur when a home becomes unsafe.


Whilst Victoria is in Stage 4 Lockdown, the Locomotive Division is still available to members. 

Phone and emails are being manned as normal and representatives are available for consultation. 

Please contact the Union as normal for all representational and consultation needs.

Employers must notify WorkSafe about a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 in the workplace.


Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (OHS Act), employers have a duty to provide and maintain, a safe working environment including preventing risks to health (including psychological health) and safety associated with potential exposure to coronavirus (COVID-19).

If you need a Union Representative for a meeting- please contact the Union Office ASAP HERE.

Please do not rely on your company to contact the Union.

Please ensure, if possible, you have the Date and Time of your meeting so a Union Representative can be scheduled to attend with you.

Representatives are being booked every day for Membership representations as well as other important matters such as EA meetings.

Scholarships are available to the children of Financial RTBU Locomotive Division members’ . Please click HERE to go to the Department of Education scholarships page and view the open scholarships.  

Glenn Moorhead Memorial Scholarship for current Year 12 students starting Tertiary education in the next year-OPEN NOW. 

Ken Matthews Memorial Scholarship for current Year 12 students starting Tertiary education in the next year-OPEN NOW. 

Applications will open in November 2019 for the Frank Carey Memorial Scholarship (completing year 6 and year 9) and the Steve Gibson Memorial Scholarship   (completing year 10) 

Negotiations for the replacement PN R&B EA will begin shortly as the 2017 EA come to its nominal expiry date. 

Members are welcome to email their suggestions to the Office to add to the Log of Claims. 

With the QUBE EA expiring in May 2021, the Locomotive Division is getting ready for Negotiations and are compiling the Log of Claims.

The Locomotive Division welcomes members views and suggestions. Please email the office so we can add your ideas to the Log of Claims.

While the Locomotive Division campaigned for a NO Vote, the BAD EA was voted in with just a 1% margin. Members are now looking at tougher times over the life of this agreement and possibly longer.  

Please make sure you advise the Locomotive Division of any problems you encounter as soon as possible. 


Investigations into alleged corruption within Victorian Public transport.

Metro Trains manager suspended amid corruption probe – (Timna Jacks /Aug 24, 2020— The Age)

“A manager at Melbourne rail operator Metro Trains has been suspended amid an investigation into alleged corruption within Victorian transport….” Read More HERE

V/Line CEO suspended amid corruption probe-  ( Henrietta Cook and Rachael Dexter/ Aug 20 2020  -The Age

“The chief executive of Victoria’s V/Line regional train service has been immediately suspended amid an anti-corruption investigation…”  READ MORE HERE

Engineer suffers first-degree burns from high-vis shirt, sparking medical warning.

A Perth doctor is warning of the dangers of wearing high-vis shirts in direct sunlight after what she believes is the world’s first case of burns from retro-reflective tape.