The Locomotive Division of the RTBU covers all Locomotive and Train Drivers in Victoria.

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For all non drivers and information on Rail Operations and Infrastructure, including membership, please go to the Victorian Branch website

In 1861 – The first union of locomotive enginemen was formed when 20 drivers banded together to form the “Locomotive Engine Drivers Association of Victoria” , now the RTBU Locomotive Division in Victoria has almost 2000 members and counting!   read more.

PTC 1994 Book of Rules and Operating Procedures.
Members now have access to the Book of Rules (Metro Specific Network) online via the member portal login.

Metro Trains- Enterprise Agreement update

Proposed offer- VOTE NO

RTBU Gender and Diversity

Maurice Blackburn's breakfast with the Honourable Jill Hennessy MP

RTBU Locomotive Divisional delegates and train drivers attended the Maurice Blackburn’s breakfast with the Honourable Jill Hennessy MP, celebrating the contribution of women to the Justice System. The advancement of women within our industry and generally within the workplace is something we advocate and were proud to be a part of.

30th Aug 2019- Wear it Purple

Wear it Purple Day is Friday the 30th of August, 2019  showing LGBTIQ+ young people that they have the right to be proud of who they are.  It is about creating safe spaces in schools, universities, workplaces and public spaces to show LGBTIQ+ young people that they are seen and supported. Read More HERE


Gender and Diversity forum – held 2nd May 2019 

Hosted by the RTBU Locomotive Division and Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, the Gender and Diversity Forum presented information about the need for acceptance within the industry and gave attendees options to ask questions of key stakeholders. The RTBU Locomotive Division hopes to encourage all Members to speak out and to promote Gender and Diversity in the industry.  

If any member requires assistance, the Locomotive Division is an open yet confidential place . Our goal is to break down the barriers of conversation and have an inclusive workplace.

This year, Respect Victoria aims to get as many people from right across the state of Victoria to understand the most effective and safest ways to call out… By challenging the harmful norms, practices and structures that lead to violence – gender inequality, marginalisation and discrimination – together we can create a Victoria free from violence.”

If you need a Union Representative for a meeting- please contact the Union Office ASAP HERE.

Please do not rely on your company to contact the Union.

Please ensure, if possible, you have the Date and Time of your meeting so a Union Representative can be scheduled to attend with you.

Representatives are being booked every day for Membership representations as well as other important matters such as EA meetings.

Scholarships are available to the children of Financial RTBU Locomotive Division members’ . Please click HERE to go to the Department of Education scholarships page and view the open scholarships.  

Glenn Moorhead Memorial Scholarship for current Year 12 students starting Tertiary education in the next year-OPEN NOW. 

Ken Matthews Memorial Scholarship for current Year 12 students starting Tertiary education in the next year-OPEN NOW. 

Applications will open in November 2019 for the Frank Carey Memorial Scholarship (completing year 6 and year 9) and the Steve Gibson Memorial Scholarship   (completing year 10) 


ABC Ballarat- 22 August 2019


On average, someone is killed on Victoria’s rail lines every week, and often the hidden victims are the train drivers….”- read more here

Further you can listen to RTBU Victorian Locomotive Division President Wayne Hicks  discuss the impact and effects of fatalities on Train Drivers with Steve Martin  ABC Radio  (at 253.35 minutes)  HERE 

NINE news 6:38pm Aug 9, 2019
“Expensive new trains designed to help ease overcrowding on Melbourne’s busiest rail lines will be delayed by almost a year..”  read the full article here 

Media Release – Minister for Transport Infrastructure

10 August 2019
“Work will start within weeks on the Andrews Labor Government’s massive upgrade of the Sunbury line to prepare the corridor for new high-capacity trains when the Metro Tunnel is built……” Read More here

7News  10 April 2019 –

The existing North Melbourne station will be renamed West Melbourne, after the suburb it technically sits in…..Read More

Australian Rail, Tram and Bus Industry Union

ELECTION FOR – Casual Vacancy

E2019-115 ARTBUI IE03 ENotice (1)

E2019-115 ARTBUI IE04 NomForm (1)

Register Your Exposure – ASBESTOS

Maurice Blackburn’s – National asbestos, dust, fumes and chemicals register

It’s a good idea to document any asbestos and or/dust, fumes and chemical exposure in case you do develop an asbestos-related or occupational lung disease later in life. ….Read More 

Timna Jacks /March 30, 2019 — The Age

A pay dispute has broken out between Metro Trains and the train drivers union over claims the company has underpaid 900 workers to the tune of more than $1 million in total… Read More HERE